Website User Testing - Voice of Customer

It matters.

Voice of customer (VOC) is the process of collecting and analyzing customer needs and requirements — the process is often used in product development but is highly relevant for website development.

Website user testing is the method we deploy to capture VOC. We test the functionality, usability, and relevance of your site with your customers and target audience members. The information collected during user testing is always insightful and is used to improve your customer’s experience.

User testing is key to providing site visitors with the ultimate web experience.

Do your customers love your website as much as you do?

User testing is key to knowing if your site meets the needs of your customers. You’ve done your homework and improved the findability of your site by applying SEO best practices — now it’s time to do customer behavior homework.

What’s the process?

The process used to gain user feedback can be a complex and expensive undertaking, but at Pump Marketing Solutions we make it quick, easy, and affordable.

We deploy the streamlined user testing methods developed by Steve Krug (Rocket Surgery Made Easy). Krug’s approach is to make it easy by designing tests that focus on uncovering and fixing the most important site problems. Say you want to know if users locate a specific product on your site, find its supporting information, and then easily purchase the product — this is the perfect scenario for user testing. We will:

  • Create a test script scenario to observe how the user completes the purchase path
  • Arrange for 7-10 test subjects
  • Analyze test results
  • Recommend changes based on test results
  • Fix the problem(s)

We can design and complete the tests, design the tests and teach you how to conduct them, or teach you how to do it all — you decide what makes the most sense according to your business goals and budget.

The result — a better website and happy customers.

Get started today.

We will walk you through the process, contact potential test participants, run the tests, provide you with audio and visual test results, and a detailed action plan based on results.