Web Marketing Process

Making your site findable and useable.


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People are looking for your products and services but are they finding your website? And if they do, is your site easy to navigate allowing visitors to find the information they need?

We help you answer these 2 questions through discovery, strategy, and analysis. And, based on the data, we recommend activities that are designed to improve the findability and usability of your website.

Findable and usable — 2 key concepts that contribute to a successful site.

Web Marketing Process



  • We learn your overall business and website goals to save you money and optimize results.
  • We discover how your site currently ranks to create a benchmark for improvement.
  • We work with a few site users to understand their experience, determine how well your site meets their needs, and suggest improvements based on test results.



  • Armed with discovery information, we work with you to develop a strategy and detailed plan that may include activities like SEOsearch advertising, email and content marketing, as well as project timelines, action items, and resource allocation.
  • We determine what works best for your business and budget. We can tackle the entire project, train you on SEO tactics, or share the workload.



  • Once we have a plan, we help put the tools in place to measure success.
  • We work with you to develop the key performance indicators (KPIs) that define success and guide continuous improvement.
  • We track competitor search rankings against your company’s rankings to give you a competitive edge.

Goal Consultation.

Thinking about a website redesign or maybe just wondering how to increase qualified traffic? We can help you put the right strategies and goals in place.