Web Development and Design

Making a good first impression.

Does your site quickly engage your target audience?

Your website is your digital brochure — it should build and strengthen your brand, and position your company for success. You have about 3 seconds to capture new visitors’ attention on each page and drive them to take action (learn more, request a quote, call, etc.). Have you looked at your site with a critical eye?

When reviewing your site, you should ask the following questions:

  1. Is the site visually appealing to today’s internet user expectations?
  2. What is the site’s primary goal, and does each page support that goal?
  3. Does the site quickly convey the value the company provides and what the company does?
  4. Is the site intuitive to use; does it follow typical navigation?
  5. Can product and service information be found quickly?

If you answered no to any of these questions, it might be time for a website redevelopment project.

Web development project — what to expect.

At Pump Marketing Solutions, we take a holistic approach to web development to ensure the site meets the needs of the company and its target audience. We work with you to understand the big picture and then devise a plan that meets expectations.

Not only will your site be customer-focused, but we also take the marketing side into consideration during planning. To reduce cost overruns and timely re-work cycles, we put all necessary SEO elements in place during the development phase. We also make sure that you have a detailed post-launch marketing plan, to set your site up for success.

Web Development Graphic

The Process


Conduct internal interviews with the major customer-facing employees to gain an in-depth understanding of what the company stands for and what it does. This step often uncovers the need for better messaging and enhanced content.

Also, we like to ask each interviewee about the current site; what works, what doesn’t, who they think the site serves, and what they consider must-haves on an updated site. We ask these questions because different customer-facing functions can have divergent views on what the website should convey and who it serves, and often their voices are not heard. Asking questions helps meet customer needs.


Develop an overall strategy and determine the primary goal of the website. A well-defined strategy helps keep the project focused and ensures each page is structured to meet the primary site objectives. Included in the strategy are suggested post-launch marketing initiatives to help achieve site goals.


Create a project plan that includes a development and post-launch budget, team members/resources, timelines, design elements, information architecture, user feedback, and post-launch marketing tactics.

Final Word

Web development and design can make or break the profitability of your website. The site’s design should be user-tested to ensure you meet customers’ needs and expectations for use and information. Search engine optimization best practices should be applied during the development phase so the right elements are in place for the site to be found by prospects.

Every web development project must begin with a strategy, well-defined goals and an executable plan complete with budget and assigned resources.


Have questions about SEO, internet marketing or something else? We would love to help. Just drop us an email or give us a call, we look forward to working with you.