Search Advertising

Driving targeted traffic to your site.


Search advertising is simply paying for advertising to drive traffic to your website. It is most effective when immediate results are desired, you wish to target a very specific customer type or market segment, you are promoting a new product or event, or you want to quickly test relevant keywords for your target markets.

Search advertising is a way to quickly stand out from the crowd.


When would I use paid search?

Search advertising can be a short-term strategy designed to help you quickly achieve specific website goals or a long-term strategy to consistently drive sales. Search advertising should be used in conjunction with SEO best practices.

Types of search advertising.

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Paying a search engine like Google or Bing to display your ad on a search results page. You pay only when the searcher clicks the ad and lands on your site.
  • Ad retargeting or remarketing. Paying to show your ad to visitors who once visited your site when they visit other relevant or similar sites or sending your customer and prospect database eNewsletters focused on company news and product updates.
  • Affiliate marketing. Paying someone (an affiliate) to promote your products or services. Affiliates act like commissioned sales representative for your company.

How can I get it?

At Pump Marketing Solutions, we work with you to understand your overall business goals and the goals of your website. If search advertising is the best way to help you achieve those goals, we will create a project plan for developing highly effective ads and a roadmap for testing and measuring ad success. We can do the work for you or we can train and consult with you to do the work–you choose the best method for your business and budget.


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