Web Marketing Tools

What it takes to build a findable and usable website.

Web marketing can mean many things — at Pump Marketing Solutions, we focus on improving the findability and usability of industrial and B2B company websites to increase your opportunity for success.

Findability: Uncovering your sites most relevant keywords and discovering how your site stacks up against the competition for those keywords on a search results page.

Usability: Learning how site visitors interact with your site’s navigation and content.

Web Marketing Tools


User Testing

Voice of customer (VOC) or user testing is gathering input from site users about the functionality and usability of your site — do they understand what you do, can they easily locate what they need, and does the site prompt them to take action?


Search Marketing

Search engine marketing encompasses two tactics, search engine optimization (SEO) and search advertising, to improve the findability of your website, products, services, and company events. If your target audience can’t find you, they can’t purchase what you are selling.


Strategy Development

Developing a web strategy that is inline with your company’s overall business goals ensures your website plays it part in acheving business targets. And having clearly defined web content, social, and communication strategies helps propel the success of your web marketing program.


Website Analytics

Site analytics are key to the success of any web marketing program. It is vitally important to develop site goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) that define success and then put in place the tools and metrics to measure results.

Goal Consultation.

Thinking about a website redesign or maybe just wondering how to increase qualified traffic? We can help you put the right strategies and goals in place.